Stank Sauce (Tub) - Extra Stinkin' Hot

Stank Sauce (Tub) - Extra Stinkin' Hot


This Extra Stinkin' Hot Stank Sauce is for the real heat-seekers... it doesn't have a 5/5 Stinkin' Hot rating for nothin'!


After months of requests from loyal Stank lovers who are cooking with the stuff on the regular (and SMASHING through our original bottles) we decided to bring out these brand new 200g tubs! Perfect for use in the kitchen for all your curry, stirfry, soup, pasta, stew etc. needs! 


A little bit goes a long way with this one. Whether you're using it on cooking or as a dipping sauce, the slow burn kicks in with just a few drops. 


We enjoy our Stank Sauce best with: grilled meats and seafood, fried chicken, cheese toasties, meat pies, curries & stews, mi goreng, tofu, stir-fried Asian greens, fried/baked potato.


Ingredients: fresh chillies, lime juice, fermented shrimp paste, raw sugar.


Psssst. Standard shipping is a flat rate of only $6.50 Australia wide ... and $15.00 to everywhere else in the world!


Our chillies and limes are sourced from local WA and Australian growers. Even better yet, our hot sauce is made and bottled right here in WA, meaning you get the freshest possible product! 

 Are you a retailer keen on stocking Stank? Email us! 

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All Australia: FREE or AUD 6.50  |  New Zealand: from AUD 10.50  |  USA: from USD 10.00  |  UK: from £8.00  |  Europe: from €10.00

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