Ol Yella's NUTZ! - Stank - 280g

Ol Yella's NUTZ! - Stank - 280g




Ol Yella's brings you another highly addictive product for your snacking pleasure.


  • Made with fresh, locally sourced chillies
  • Free of any artificial colours, ingredients and preservatives
  • Made in Western Australia with mostly Australian ingredients


Ol Yella's NUTZ! are inspired by childhood snacks growing up in Asia. There was always unbelievable excitement whenever we saw a "kachang puteh man" by the roadside (kind of like an Asian kid's ice cream truck) selling his array of spicy, crunchy, totally addictive snacks. Sadly, you almost never see these snack-sellers anymore... so this is our homage to that symbol of joy!


Ingredients: caramelised peanuts (peanuts, water, sugar), garlic, fresh chillies, Australian sea salt and nori. 


Ol Yella's NUTZ! come in three delicious flavours: 

  • Hot
  • Spicy Seadog
  • Stank

 Are you a retailer keen on stocking Stank? Email us! stank@olyellas.com 

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