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From bootleggin' Stank Sauce in our humble home kitchen, to gourmet & specialty store shelves across the state...

Our stinkin' hot little bottles have come a long way! 




Q: What is 'Stank'? Where did it come from?

Have you ever cooked fermented shrimp paste? Well we challenge you to find

a stinkier (and simultaneously delicious) ingredient. That's what puts the 'stank' in Stank Sauce... plus it's just a great word!



Q: Who is Ol Yella?

Hmm well, that's a story better left untold in writing... you'll just have to ask

Ol Yella's Founder, Lynne, next time you see her at a market or event!


Q: Where is Stank Sauce made?

Right here in Western Australia!

Founder and head sauce maker/bootlegger, Lynne, still stems every chilli, makes and bottles the sauce (now with some help, of course!)

So you can be sure that a high level of pride, care and meticulous-ness has gone into every bottle.



Q: Is this your Grandma's recipe?

Sorry to disappoint - but no! (I'm sure she would've made good chilli though.)

This is Lynne's original, secret recipe, influenced by her Singaporean roots and love of all things hot, stinky and delicious!



Q: What do you use Stank Sauce in?

Actually almost everything! We surprised even ourselves when we used it in dessert (dark chocolate donuts) and they turned out so good! 

Check out our Recipes page (that is always being updated) for our Stanky Guac recipe, chilli mussels, pastas, marinades, stir-fries and more!

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